Strawberry Shortcake Situation

I have been making strawberry shortcake for 20+ years for my husband.  Recently he saw me making it and was mortified that I added water to my strawberries and sugar.  As I mashed strawberries with my potato masher (pictured below), I thought – Wait-what?  You have loved it all these years and now because you saw me add water your’e mortified and saying that’s not right?

I started to second guess myself; didn’t my mom always add water to the strawberries?  Doesn’t everyone else add water?
Time to do what many of us do when we don’t know something-oh google-google can answer this and then my husband can apologize for being wrong.
Google sided with my husband; most folks don’t add water!  Wait-what?  I can’t believe this is happening.  Oh I know I can ask our Facebook friends, they will all add water to their strawberries and prove me right.

Facebook friends don’t fail me now I prayed, it didn’t work-they failed me BIG TIME.  Who knew there were so many passionate people about how to make strawberries for shortcake!  After every comment I was shocked – 41 of them to be exact that do not add water.  My best friends sided with him, my old co-workers and even my nephew!  Interestingly they don’t add water, many add rum!  

So I “lost”.  Today I made another version of my strawberry shortcake.  First I made sure to do it when my husband wasn’t around, as I happily added a little rum for the strawberries and a little rum for me and even after all my “research”-I definitely didn’t forget to add a little  water.  What did he think?  The best ever of course! A strawberry shortcake situation solved, time for debating other things like which way the toilet paper roll goes…

Have a great day!

Other uses for strawberry shortcake berry mixture
Pancake toppings, ice cream toppings, fruit salsa, cake toppings, a sauce for pork or chicken…