Holidays Party

Party Themes-Shake It Up!

Ready to shake up your next party? Add a theme to it!  I know your list is long for planning that perfect party for your perfect someone but adding a theme is easy; what is the guest of honor’s hobby or favorite experience? 
I can work with you to help your perfect party dreams come true.  Getting it organized is key, I have timelines, equipment lists, cooking suggestions and lots of other great ideas. Here are a couple:

Birthday; race car fans can decorate with race flags and have a menu from the town of their favorite race car driver.  Set up a matchbox race car hill for races-yes even for an adult party-were all kids at heart right?

Retirement; gamblers love a good card party!  Tie fishing wire to a playing cards and hang around the party area.  Appetizers placed around the room work great for this type of party.  Inexpensive prizes are plentiful at the dollar store-the cornier the better.  Use pennies or poker chips and tell everyone to leave their money at home in their piggy banks. You don’t want your guests to use their money gambling at your party, you want everyone to walk away from your party smiling and a winner!  

Picnic; So many ideas here a favorite of mine is the Hawaiian Luau!  A delicious menu of Pork Tenderloin with Rum Bbq Sauce paired with Pina Coladas & Beer is a great way to start.  Add a couple of fun elements like using a broom for a hilarious game of limbo and buying Leis for everyone to where.  Picture your friends now doing the limbo-your already laughing!

I love planning parties and have planned hundred’s in all sizes, just send me an email at for a free consultation.  

Have a great day!