Kids Cooking

Fun Family Cooking-The Basics!

Looking for a FREE way to entertain your kids?  Build their confidence, have them help you and have fun together?  Cooking!  Yes you can do it-let them help you.

A few basics;

  • Shopping;  the grocery store is a non-stop educational tool and can be fun.  Show them how to pick out an avocado, you will be amazed when they want to help you prep that at home.  It’s a treasure hunt with them helping you find their favorite spaghetti sauce.  
  • Washing hands; have them sing their favorite song while they do it to ensure all germs are removed.
  • Table setting; let them do it their way with a new learning each time. 
  • Start off with what they like; Lemonade (as pictured here with my beautiful niece and her daughter), pasta, grilled cheese, carrots, french fries-whatever it happens to be, the key is to make it fun!

Another way for fun in the kitchen, host a cooking with kids party!  I can help plan it all out for you, send me an email at for a free consultation.

Have fun in the kitchen today!