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Take A Dip In Paradise!

Looking for something fun to bring to your next party? Try a Dip in Paradise. Pinterest inspired these palm tree’s add a little fun to the veggie tray.

Let’s be honest it looks easy-it’s not! It wasn’t for me anyway, I know some creative folks who could have done this in their sleep, I needed a therapy session and a glass a wine after trying to get these tree’s assembled for the picture (if you look closely you can see the fallen tree in the picture ;)… My friends ooh’s and ahh’s made it worth it and if I can do it, so can you. Don’t be scared, what is the worst that can happen? You have a crooked tree-big deal-have fun with it!

Make it your own veggie tray by using your favorite veggies. I used Cucumbers, Grape Tomatoes, Broccoli, Carrots and Jicama. Jicama is a Mexican Turnip that has the texture of a potato with a hint of sweetness like an apple or a pear. Great served on your tray or cut up in a salad or on it’s own for a snack with a cayenne pepper/salt sprinkle to dip in.

Do this the day prior;

  • Slicing your veggies one day prior and store in a ziplock bag in the fridge with a paper towel (it absorbs the moisture helping preserve the veggies).
  • Make your dip, or dips. I love serving two, I often choose a store bought and something I want to make like my favorite French Onion Dip-Oh My Onion Dip! (recipe below).

Do this the day of;

  • Assemble your veggies on a tray leaving room for your tropical trees.
  • Prep your tropical trees for travel and assemble once at home to test and then again right at the party. By the way before you prep your tropical trees, get ready to go and leave yourself some time-it might take a little longer than you think.
  • You will need; two green peppers, two carrots, one potato and several toothpicks.
  • Slice the tops off your green peppers in a zig zag fashion with a small pairing knife, discard seeds. Peel your carrots and slice off bottom for a straight bottom. Cut your potato in half. Cut a small slice at one side for flat bottom potato.
  • Assemble with toothpicks. I put in the them in a little sideways at bottom of carrot into the potato to stabilize. I think they called for 3, I may have used 12 or so. The pepper goes on pretty easily with 1 toothpick but kept poking through on me so next time I will top it with a grape tomato.

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Have a great day!

Oh My Onion Dip!

1 large sweet onion, peeled & diced

1 cup sour cream

1 cup plain Greek yogurt

2 tsp oil

1 Tbsp salt

1 Tbsp garlic powder

  1. Sauté onion over med low heat in oil for 30-60 min, stirring often. Add salt and garlic powder. If they need more caramelization (browning=flavor), bring heat up for a couple of minutes, watching carefully not to burn.
  2. Remove from heat. Mix in sour cream and Greek yogurt.
  3. Refrigerate for 2-48 hours, longer is better!