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Patriotic Picnic Pointers!

As we get ready to celebrate our great country incorporating patriotic themes and a few picnic shortcuts is easy.

  • Put a few water bottles in the freezer now-stop reading and do it or you might forget 😉  They come in handy to help keep the rest of your drinks cool.
  • Recommend everyone wear red and white and blue.
  • Serve red white and blue dishes; blue corn chips, cherry tomatoes with a white dip and for your dessert decorate it with strawberries & blueberries.
  • Serving utensils and platters; find them now don’t wait till the party has started. 
  • Fill larger bowls with ice and put salads in smaller bowls inside the larger bowls. 
  • Use red table cloths, white plates and blue napkins.  (White plates are cheaper than colored plates and you can find the tablecloths and napkins at the Dollar Store).
  • Clean your grill the day before your party and set it up with your grilling tools; tongs, spatula, thermometer and a bottle opener. Most grills don’t start without a beer in the grillers hand-according to my husband 😉

One last tip – remember Independence Day -July 4th- is about so much more including your great picnic-consider starting the fun with the pledge of allegiance and a toast to America and your guests!  

Happy Independence Day!!!