How Do I ?

Kitchen Secrets Back To Basics!

What is my secret to having fun in the kitchen and making sure my meals are mouthwatering?  Every so often I remind myself to get back to the basics, by doing this it helps ensure an enjoyable time in the kitchen and delicious results, well most of the time anyway…

    •    Set the stage; Good lighting, decluttered counter, music, a refreshment and company to help you in the kitchen (especially your kids once-n-awhile, they can do more than you think and it’s great one on one time). 

    •    Recipes; read them twice, picture your delicious results.  

    •    Timeline; jot down a quick timeline for your meal preparations-by taking a minute to do this upfront you don’t have to worry about it in the middle of cooking. 

    •    Get it together-always start off with everything you need out on the counter, this includes equipment and food.

    •    Cooking equipment; Have you ever boiled pasta and then had to search for the strainer-it’s over cooking while your looking.  Get all your equipment out before you cook, don’t forget measuring tools and utensils.

    •    Food; put it on your counter in order of use. I am not kidding, try it tonight.  It helps ensure you put your recipes together correctly and saves time.

    •    Have fun; it’s one meal, if it doesn’t turn out as perfect, it’s okay try again another time.  The key here is to always cook happy, food tastes better when made with happiness.

Cooking can be stressful sometimes, try a few of these basics, it will help leave time for fun in the kitchen with mouthwatering results!  Remember, if you need help planning that perfect meal for 2 or 2,000 I am only an email away,