Dessert Drinks How Do I ?

When Life Gives You Limes You Make A Drink or…?

Limes have become one of my new favorite fruits.  I suggest you grow a lime tree now or head to your favorite market and get one!

Get the most out of your limes; 

  • Wash and leave on the counter for more flavor-put in the fridge if you want less flavor…
  • Buy an expensive juicer or use your hand to catch the seeds, save a few bucks and get a work out.
  • Cut off the ends of the limes just a bit into the lime-there is a lot of good juice hiding there.

Zest; a little goes a long way.  It’s the outer peel of the fruit, use a zester, a cheese grater or my favorite a micro-planner.  In a pinch I used a potato peeler and then cut it up fine-not recommended but it did work.  

Add a little lime zest and juice to;

Plain Greek Yogurt or your favorite Guacamole…

Finish you meals just before serving with lime juice;

Fish (especially shrimp), Pork, Chicken…


Lime Pie, Lime Pudding, Lime Cookies…

(P.S. while cooking is a definite strong area of mine, I will be honest baking is not, lucky for me my husband, daughter and sister can bake-so can you-good luck here-you can do it!)


  • Cucumbers & Limes with a little sparkling water are a perfect combination!  A little vodka added in for happy hour works great as well…
  • Lemon & Limes marinated in a pitcher of water in the fridge-count me in.
  • Gin & Tonics with a Lime Twist
  • Margaritas, need I say more?  Don’t forget a little lime zest in the salted rim…