Dinner How Do I ?

Dinner Dash!

Are you doing the Dinner Dash tonight?  So many nights are a race against time, how fast can we get here or do this and what will we eat?  When our kids were in school, sports etc., it always seemed to be a Dinner Dash-how quickly I could get dinner on the table.  Now even being empty nesters, with some of life’s responsibilities, we still have Dinner Dashes.  Sometimes this is fun, sometimes it is not, here a few easy ideas to help make it easier for you and maybe even a little fun for whatever your evenings race against time is today!

Quesadillas-choose your fillings like shredded cheese and roast beef.  Quick pan-fry the night before and put in a covered baking pan in the fridge.  When you come home, just pop em the oven to reheat while you get a few things ready for your evening.

Snackin’ Dinner-pair a few of these together as you share stories of your day; cheese, salami, strawberries, crackers, celery sticks, hummus.  

Meatballs-throw your frozen meatballs in sauce and bake while you help the kids with their homework or take your dog for a walk, or make yourself a drink.  Of course serve it with a nice loaf of bread. 

Chicken Salad-buy rotisserie chicken and shred the night before. Toss in your favorite sauce like barbecue or buffalo wing sauce and serve over your salad.  

Tortellini Basil Mix-cook your frozen tortellini and then toss in a pan with basil pesto, grape tomatoes and cooked shrimp for a minute or two.

Potato Bar-while your potatoes are baking you can be working on other things.  When they are ready serve with a variety of toppings to make everyone happy.  Try a few of these; Shredded cheese, sour cream, crispy bacon, diced tomatoes, broccoli, black beans, salsa…

Grab and Go-switch up the usual pizza and try some Sushi…

You can win the Dinner Dash tonight!