How Do I ?

Spice It Up!

As we head into the holidays now is a great time to give your spice drawer some TLC and maybe add a new spice or two? 

Storage:  Store spices away from sunlight like a drawer laying down or on a Lazy Susan in a cupboard.

Expired spices:  Check your best by dates-old spices=less/no flavor.

Flavor intensity order:  

  1. Fresh is best for the most flavor.
  2. Whole spices that you grind yourself (use your coffee grinder).
  3. Ground spices (add a little extra if the recipe calls for fresh).

A few spices that are great to keep on hand:

  • Garlic Powder/Salt-great in mashed potatoes if you don’t have time to roast garlic.
  • Montreal Steak Seasoning-add this to your gravy, a little goes a long way.
  • Herbes de Provence-delicious on your turkey and in your stuffing. 
  • Cloves-use whole cloves to stud hams, remove before eating-lot’s of flavor here.  
  • Thyme-sprinkle in your veggies sides like green beans or roasted potatoes.