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The Right Kitchen Tools

Having the right kitchen tools for the job is so important especially for your upcoming holiday celebrations, like Thanksgiving!

Time to start checking the kitchen tools, don’t miss these:

  • Thermometer; this is the most important tool for your meal. Clean it and calibrate it today.  To calibrate it, if it’s electronic-just put it in a glass of water with lots of ice, should read 32 or very close.  If it doesn’t, change the batteries, it that still doesn’t work, toss it and get a new one.  If it’s a stick thermometer a little tricker to explain but also put it in a glass of water with lots of ice, should read 32 or very close.  If it doesn’t adjust the nut on the thermometer, turning the head until the needle landed on 32. 
  • Knife-a sharp one, use a steel to hone it.  Sharpen it with a stone, most folks don’t have a stone, so go to a store that does sharpening.  A dull knife is a dangerous knife!
  • Whisk-really makes a great difference for your gravy!
  • Microplane-my FAVORITE tool for the kitchen.  Seriously use this instead of a zester.  Use this for zest on your limes, lemons or oranges and shavings from your chocolate.  For your citrus fruit, it will add amazing flavor to your dishes.  Just rub it up against your citrus fruit and top a piece of fish, a sauce, a veggie or even yogurt.  For dessert, more chocolate on top in the form of grated chocolate, what is not to love?
  • Serving tools-figure it out now.  The worst thing you have worked so hard on a great meal and your serving wear looks like its been through a war or you have to use plastic utensils to serve.  Get a few go-to pieces, you will be glad you did!
  • Thanksgiving plan or Party Plan-yours will be a great tool for success, make one now.

Whether your entertaining for 2 or 2,000, it can be easier, just send me an email to help with the details.

Have a great day!