Dinner Holidays How Do I ?

Turkey Two A Day Trot

Do the Turkey-Two-A-Day Trot! Just two tasks a day for a less stressful turkey day! 

Thursday (week prior)

  • Finish your shopping lists and timelines. 
  • Timelines; write everything down, remember oven space will be tight. 
  • Check your Turkey weight (at least 1 day of thawing in the fridge for every 4 pounds) Add it to your calendar now…


  • Double check do you have all of your non-perishables? Don’t forget the spices.
  • Clean out your refrigerator.


  • Double check that you have all of your kitchen tools. Enough pans? Is your thermometer calibrated or fresh batteries?  
  • Assign all of your pans/serving dishes with a post-it note as to what will be served in what. Slow cookers work great for mashed potatoes.


  • Finish cleaning-ugh, if your like me you just want to skip this part but just get it over with.  Don’t forget to have the coat closet organized so nothing falls on anyone’s head when they open it. 
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee while you review lists/timelines with a friend…


  • Perishable shopping-take a deep breath it is going to be busy.
  • Organize everything by recipe before you put it away or aside, it will make it so much easier when time to prepare.


  • Wash veggies, slice & dice and store in fridge in covered container with paper towels. 
  • Remove any made ahead frozen desserts from freezer to refrigerator.


  • Peel potatoes and store in fridge in a covered bowl of water.
  • Assemble all casseroles (except stuffing do that on Thanksgiving)…

Thursday (Thanksgiving)

  • Review your plan and take a few minute sit down break every hour. 
  • Smile and enjoy the memories you are helping make!

Family holidays, parties, team building celebrations-big or small contact me to help plan the details and help you find more time in your day! 

Have a great day!