Holidays How Do I ?

Roasting & Resting

As you prepare for your special dinner, do you know the secrets to roasting and resting?  I’m referencing resting the meat before you slice into it, but resting yourself is just as important.

Roasting Veggies;

  • Prep your veggies a day ahead, just store in the fridge.  
  • Cut everything close to the same size.
  • Coat them with a little oil and herbs.  For the oil use a canola, vegetable or grape seed.  If you use extra virgin olive oil it might smoke on you.
  • Roast on a flat sheet pan and flip about half way through your roasting time.  
  • Rest them on your counter after roasting while finishing the rest of your meal.
  • Serve with a warm sauce, veggies don’t have to be served super hot. 

Roasting Meats;

  • Remove your meat from fridge 30 minutes before roasting.
  • Coat with oil and herbs.
  • Cut slits in the meat and insert garlic cloves.
  • Use a thermometer and roast to the correct temperature.  
  • Don’t slice into to see if it’s done-use a thermometer-slicing into and you see those delicious juices drip away onto the plate not staying in your meat where they belong.
  • Rest the meat 10-30 minutes after cooking. As the meat is resting the delicious juices will stay in it and the temperature will rise a bit.  

Resting you!

As you plan time for your veggies and meats to rest, don’t forget how a little bit of rest time is good for you as well.  Seriously, I hope you can give yourself a little time out, even if it’s just for a few minutes.  Resting makes everything better!