Stir Fry Slenderized

Are you looking for a “lighter” way to cook?  Stir Fry is the way!  Check out my slenderizing secrets for this easy way to cook.  

  • Sauce-a little goes along way.  Reduce your sauce amounts as you would like.  Better yet skip the bottled sauce and make your own sauces like fresh squeezed orange juice and a little soy sauce.
  • Veggies-fresh is best when you can but I love keeping a big bag of frozen veggies for last minute stir fry.  Canned does not work so well.  The key is cutting all of your veggies to similar size for consistent cooking.  Denser veggies like broccoli may take a little longer.
  • Meats-chicken and pork are lean, just trim well.  Steak works great. Make sure ang get a tender cut like sirloin or you will have a tough result.   A little protein also goes along way, think of the protein as your “garnish”, the veggies are the hero in this style of cooking.  
  • Seafood-shrimp works great, just make sure it is dry before you add it to the pan, it cooks very quickly.
  • Rice-serving stir fry over rice is pretty traditional, skip it some times or use brown rice.
  • Equipment-sure a stir fry pan is nice but a large frying pan works well.  A wooden spatula and tongs are good utensils to have on hand, but if you don’t have them your large mixing spoons will work.

Stir Fry cooking classes make great parties, let me know if you would like a private class, lot’s of fun included!  Email me today at tommymaemarketing@gmail.com….

Have a great day!  


Orange Chicken Stir Fry

Serves 4

1 lb chicken breasts, boneless-skinless

2 Tbsp corn starch

3 Tbsp water

1 lb broccoli florets

1 lb mushrooms

1 red pepper 

2 Tangerines

2 Tbsp Roasted White Sesame Seeds

3 Tbsp Vegetable Oil

1 tsp salt

1 cup Iron Chef Orange Ginger Sauce

  1. Wash all veggies & slice into bite size pieces.
  2. Zest tangerine, then peel and section.
  3. Slice chicken into small bite size strips.
  4. Add chicken with cornstarch and water to small bowl and mix.  
  5. Add oil to stir fry or large pan on high, wait just a minute.
  6. Carefully add chicken away from you quickly to the pan.  Sprinkle with salt and stir fry continually until browned on all sides, about 2 min.
  7. Add broccoli, red pepper and orange ginger sauce.  Stir fry for another 2 min.  
  8. Add mushrooms and stir fry for another 3-5 minutes.  
  9. Add tangerine sections and garnish with zest & sesame seeds.