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Oktoberfest Party!

Are you ready to add some pizazz to the football party your hosting? An Oktoberfest can add that special festive touch to any kind of party.  

Beer & Pretzel Tasting

Ask half of your guests to bring their favorite 6 pack of beer and the other half to bring their favorite hard pretzels.  

Little soufflé cups (often referenced as plastic jello shot cups) work great for the beer samples. 

Have a voting sheet at each station and a prize for the best beer and pretzels.  

Soft Pretzels

Even though your guests are bringing the “snacky” pretzels these are a meal on their own.  So good!  See the link to an amazing recipe below.  

I love to serve them bite sized with melted cheese & my own honey mustard.  I tend to forget to buy honey mustard, but it’s so easy to make, just mix up some mustard with a little honey. 

Sausage Bar 

Grab three different kinds of sausages like Bratwurst, Currywurst, and Knackwurst at the store.  Cook on the grill and then lightly cool and slice in rounds. You can also slice into rounds ahead of time and just quickly cook in the pan.  Serve with assorted mustards and curry ketchup.  

Rouladen Fries

The best Rouladen I ever had was made by my friend Mike.  He works hard at it, and even I won’t attempt that for a large crowd.  Replicate the delicious flavor by cooking frozen fries, topping with brown gravy with a little Dijon mustard mixed in, crispy bacon and a few diced dill pickles on top.  You will be glad you did!

Magic Ingredient…

My friend Millie taught me a lot about the german culture, her magic ingredient was always love and a delicious sweet like chocolate candy!

Need more theme ideas? Ready to plan it? For a full party plan contact me at tommymaemarketing@gmail.com.

Have a great day!


P.S. you can find my favorite soft pretzel recipe here: https://www.foodnetwork.com/…/homemade-soft-pretzels-recipe…