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Dinner Party Week-To-Go Plan

Dinner Party Week-To-Go Plan

As you plan your special dinner, your week to go plan is as important as picking out your perfect meal to prepare.   Success is in the details!

Day 1; Today is decision day.  Finalize your meal and recipes.  If you want to try something new-maybe don’t.  Why add the stress of a new recipe to a special day?  If you do want to really try something new, read the recipe and re-read it again. 

Also it’s a good day to get the cleaning out of the way.

Day 2; Make a shopping list, equipment list and a timeline.  Sort your shopping list by department to make it easy.  Don’t forget to check what you already have at home first. 

Day 3; Shop for all of your non-perishable groceries.  Don’t forget refreshments, sparkling grape juice always adds a fun extra touch for the kiddos.  

Day 4; Get out your special dishes, equipment and glasses you might need.  Set up a self serve refreshment area.  Re-read your recipes, double check shopping list.

Day 5; Double check your fridge-anything in there you don’t need get rid of it.  Shop for all of your perishable groceries.  Wash your veggies and store in a bag with a paper towel in the fridge.  Make sure your refreshments are in the fridge.  Do you need more ice?

Day 6; Assemble as much as you can so you can just pop it in the oven when you are ready.  Veggies can be blanched and shocked for your hot side dishes.  Salads can be assembled.  Casseroles can be made.  Make your Dessert.

Day 7; Dinner Party!   Pre-heat your oven.  If your having cheese and fruit (an easy delicious appetizer or dessert) remove it from the fridge at least an hour prior for the best flavor. Finish cooking together and enjoy! 

Ready for help planning your special event? I’m only an email away at tommymaemarketing@gmail.com.

Have a great day!