Breakfast Kids Cooking Party

Kid’s Kitchen Tips & A Pancake Party

Have you cooked with your kids lately, or someone else’s? Think of the special memories you can make!  Also, National Pancake Day (2/21/20) is almost here so I included ideas for an easy way to have your kids in the kitchen-host a Pancake Party!

Kids Kitchen Tips

  1. Lower your expectations. If their into it great, if not it’s okay. If they see you relaxed and having fun in the kitchen they will want to join you.
  2. Teach safety at every age.   Let them know to always ask you to use any knives or appliances. 
  3. Wash hands for 30 seconds, have them sing their favorite song while doing it, even if it’s Baby Shark 😉
  4. Pick a few things they can help with and offer them choices. There is no right or wrong age…
  • Shaking-they love to shake it or break it in a bag. Mixing in a bowl and cracking eggs are another kid speciality.
  • Measuring is fun for them and teaches great math skills-don’t tell them it’s a learning lesson though 😉
  • Recipe hunts and reading. Let them help find a recipe and read it. Also let them modify it a bit when you can.
  • Cutting-Kids can use a plastic knife and cut fruit. Just teach them to always put the knife down when anyones talking and show them how to hold a plastic knife just like you would a real knife. 
  • Cooking when you feel there old enough have them cook at stove with you. Start with no heat and no ingredients to practice safety.  Ensure they hold the pan handle when stirring or flipping.

Pancake Party

Make it easy and use the boxed kind, there are so many great choices at the grocery store now.

  • Mix in or topping ideas; blueberries, chocolate chips, sprinkles…
  • Mix in ideas only; food coloring, puréed fruit…
  • Topping ideas only; Syrup, powdered sugar, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, chocolate chips, your favorite crunchy cereal, sprinkles, coconut…

Add more fun to your Pancake Party by:

  • Have a competition and see who can decorate their pancakes the silliest or scariest…
  • Take food pictures and print for the kids…
  • Have them write their recipe and draw a picture of it for their future cookbook…

I’m always available to help you plan an amazing kids cooking party, just email me at

Have fun cooking up great memories!