Sunny Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled egg lover’s tend to debate the perfect scrambled eggs.  Do you like them traditional or with a twist?  I learned about this twist-the Sunny Scrambled Eggs technique…breakfast game changer!  

My husband and daughter’s version I believe is pretty traditional.  Scramble your eggs in a bowl, add a little milk and mix it all up.  A little oil to the pan over low heat and keep scrambling for fluffy eggs.  Add a little salt (as my daughter would) or don’t as my husband believes salt is evil.  They are definitely good, especially when your tired-anyone wants to cook for you when your tired, let them and it will taste delicious!

My version I learned from a Chef many years ago, I call it Sunny Scrambled Eggs. When I first saw him do it, he was supposed to making scrambled eggs and I thought he was confused or a little loopy or something.   Add your eggs to a lightly buttered pan over medium low heat.  Do not touch them until the whites start to set-at this point they are looking close to sunny side up, then break up gently with large spatula.  Add garlic salt and pepper and you can enjoy large fluffy sunny scrambled eggs, yum!

If your really hungry just do it over high heat quickly like my son and add in as much seasoning as you can get your hands on and serve with a steak of course…

Scrambled egg tips;

  • Make sure everyone is ready once you start making them, they over-cook really quickly.
  • Crack your eggs into a bowl before adding to a pan to ensure they are good and no shell bits.
  • If your cooking for a crowd, do like my daughter-n-law and bake scrambled with veggies in a muffin pan, delicious!
  • Serve wrapped up in a burrito with traditional toppings.

Scrambled egg mix ins;

Traditional or Try it (you might be surprised!)

  • Cheddar Cheese or Goat Cheese
  • Tomatoes, diced or Kalamata olives, diced
  • Bacon, crispy diced or Salami, crispy diced
  • Ketchup (son-n-law fav, why change a good thing?) or Sriracha
  • Milk or Greek Yogurt

Have an “egg-cellent” day!