How Do I ?

Great Garlic!

Garlic just makes everything better, it elevates your cooking like having a magic ingredient!  

Peeling garlic

Take a bulb of garlic and break it apart.  Take a clove and then chop off the ends and then smash it with your knife with the back of your hand.  Do this for all of your garlic cloves first.  then it will peel it off easy….

Garlic Salt

Chop up some peeled garlic cloves and add it to kosher salt. You will LOVE having this on your counter to add to everything.

Garlic Butter

Chop up some peeled garlic cloves and add it to butter or even imitation butters.  Another item you will LOVE having ready to go.  Add it to pasta, make garlic bread, delicious with shrimp, top it on your steak…

Garlic Paste

Smashing chopped garlic with salt makes a delicious garlic paste.  This goes great in so much like soups, stews, garlic parmesan chicken wings and some good garlic bread too!

Roasting Garlic

Magic in the kitchen comes from Roasted Garlic.  Put the whole bulb in an oven safe dish like a ramekin or even a pie plate.  Drizzle with olive oil and bake at 350 for a half hour or so.  The roasted garlic will squeeze out of the bulb pretty easily.  This amps up the flavor in just about any dish.  Especially dips!

Remove garlic smell from your hand by rubbing your hands on stainless steel.  Honest, I didn’t make this  up, a Chef told it to me 😉

Have a great day!