Dessert Dinner Party

Pizza Plan

You know the feeling when all of a sudden the urge hits for pizza?!  You speed dial your fav place and they are closed! If you can make your own awesome, if you can’t, don’t panic

I will make pizza from scratch like my daughter and son-n-law some day. Well maybe not as good as theirs (they know pizza!) but I will try. 

For now my pizza plan consists of having a few key ingredients on hand so I don’t encounter pizza panic.

Pizza base ideas, a lot of these can be in your freezer

English muffins



Sliced zucchini

Prepared dough ball

Pre-cooked pizza shell

Sauce ideas

Traditional red

White Alfredo

Basil pesto

Jelly (think dessert pizza)

Toppings-traditional is always good.  Pepperoni and sauce lasts forever. Mozzarella cheese can even be frozen. Many canned (olives, artichokes…)or frozen items (mini meatballs, veggies…) taste great on pizza.

Sometimes think a little different…what’s your fav food? Try it on pizza….

Another idea with a little planning-think type of cuisine to really mix it up, even dessert!  


Herb olive oil, feta cheese, olives, banana peppers


Zapiekanki, a polish street food with a surprising topping. Baguette with mushrooms, onions and mozzarella cheese, topped with ketchup!


Dessert in the style of Apple Kuchen

Apple sauce, chopped apples, butter/cinnamon/sugar topping

Bye…time for some pizza!