“Quicky” Dressed Up Desserts

Are you a cook?  A baker?  Or in the special category of both?  I am a cook…I do bake occasionally and it most often ends in a funny story….Sometimes I need a dessert so I have learned a few quick ways to dress up store bought desserts.  The dilemma is always do I tell them I bought it or keep the complements coming on “my” dessert?  

Buy the dessert at your favorite store and then dress it up quickly and place it on your favorite dessert platter…like the one I recommend below 🙂


  • Vanilla-top with fresh fruit or chocolate chips.
  • Chocolate-top with crushed oreos, m&m’s or diced twizzlers.
  • Strawberry cake-few sliced strawberries and some sprinkles makes it perfect (picture courtesy of my sister Brandy, a huge Strawberry Cake fan)….

Cheesecake-a plain cheesecake topped with sliced strawberries or toasted coconut with crushed nuts….


  • Sprinkle your platter with powdered sugar and arrange the store bought cookies on the platter.
  • Dip half the cookie in melted chocolate and sprinkles…
  • Use the cookies as a garnish on icecream…

Sweet Memories

Open up the twinkies, ho-ho’s, and ding dong’s and put on a platter.  Wait for the great stories to start about the sweet memories that these bring back. 


  • Pumpkin-top with whip cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup.
  • Apple-serve with cheddar cheese on the side, sounds weird, it’s delicious and looks great on the plate



p.s. this pie and the featured cheesecake were “dressed up” by my Dad-he is a true believer in we eat with our eyes 🙂