For The Love Of Chips!

Chips, Sushi and Wine? A new food trend? Or am I just confused?

I try to balance out my obsession with chips by using them in different ways, a few ideas:

  • Chips with Sushi, pairs great with Chardonnay 🙂
  • Chips on a tuna sandwich – maybe a 70’s thing? A favorite of my mom’s.
  • Chips for a coating on your chicken-mix crushed chips in with a little bread crumbs before frying.
  • Chips and chocolate-divine! My friend Millie served me chips and chocolate on her fine china dessert plates, yum!
  • Crumbly topping for deviled eggs or a casserole. 

Chips and dip of course are my favorite pairing. Have you tried my “Oh My Onion Dip” yet? Check it out at my Take A Dip in Paradise blog:

Take A Dip In Paradise!

Remember if you are serving dip at a gathering to keep it cold, this clever little bowl below a friend just got me, just perfect!

Have a great day!