Appetizers How Do I ?

App Board Basics…Charcuterie & More!

I love appetizers and when I have the chance to put a few of my favs all in one place, well count me in!

Often called Charcuterie boards, they can be made out of so many things. Charcuterie means cured meats so many will have a variety of salamis, and other cured meats like prosciutto and sopressata.  Other common items are delicious artisan cheeses.

I love being adventurous and mixing and matching.  What’s your theme? A traditional snack board or a breakfast board or ???  It’s fun picking out different food items with different colors, textures and of course what’s on sale? 

Making an awesome charcuterie or app board in 4 easy steps;

  1. Pick out what you will serve it on. Will it be a plate, a basket, a sheet pan covered in butcher paper, look around in your house for many unique ideas!
  2. Shop for your ingredients, remember to check you pantry first.  If you are lucky enough to have a Wegmans you can shop there for everything easily. If not I shop at Aldi’s for the variety of cheeses and sometimes cured meats like prosciutto. Walmarts has a nice selection of Columbus cured meats at decent prices. Publix carries amazing Boars Head products that are great quality.
  3. Prep a day ahead. Make any dips, cut cheeses, wash fruits and veggies.
  4. Assemble your board. If you think it will take a half hour, it will take an hour, they take time but oh so worth it!

Making memories with family, friends and food=priceless!