Appetizers Holidays

Stars & Stripes Snack Board

4 slices of jalapeño cheese

1 lb Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese 

1 pint of grape tomatoes

2 jicamas

A red seasoning like Tajin or BBQ

Cranberry Cheddar Cheese Wheel

12 oz Columbus Italian Salami

12 oz Columbus Peppered Salami

1 bag of Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

A handful of dried cranberries

Oh My French Onion Dip, a super popular recipe can be found here; Oh My Onion Dip!

Artichoke Bites Artichoke Bites

A few tips for this board pictured;

  • A baking sheet with butcher paper made a great presentation board.
  • Use a star cookie cutter for jalapeno sliced cheese stars.
  • Crush blue corn tortilla chips and sprinkle on onion dip.
  • Jicama is a hard to peel, but easy to slice. Slice and toss with a Tajin or BBQ seasoning.
  • Make sure and pull your cheese out 1 hour before serving. 
  • The cranberry cheese wheel was from Aldi’s, easy and ok but for my next board I may try something different like a goat cheese with cranberries on top.

Learn more here; App Board Basics…Charcuterie & More!

Loved everything about this board with a patriotic theme for our great Country, U.S.A.!