Appetizers Party

The Works App & Charcuterie Board

12 oz Columbus Italian Salami

A couple of basil leaves

1 lb orange extra sharp cheddar cheese

1 lb white jalapeño cheese

1 Port wine cheese

A handful of Cashews

1 small frozen bag of Cheese Tortellini

1 pkg (10 oz) of Grape Tomatoes

A handful of dried cranberries

A handful of dried apricots

2 bunches of red seedless grapes

1/2 cup of Kalamata Olives

1/2 cup of Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives

2 jicamas

Tajin or a Chili Lime Seasoning

Cashew Basil Pesto (see recipe)

Pita, Crackers or Baguette

A few tips for this board pictured:

  • Salami roses can be made by taking 3 pieces of salami and overlapping, fold in half length wise and then roll up from the end. Secure with a tooth pick and a basil leaf. 
  • Jicama is a favorite, peel, slice and toss with Tajin or Chili Lime Seasoning.
  • Cheese Tortellini is quickly cooked a minute less than instructions call for and then cooled.  I tossed in the basil pesto and put on a tooth pick with a grape tomato. 
  • Grilled pita is great, just lightly bush with olive oil and grill for grill marks, cut in wedges and put in a side basket.
  • Cashew Basil Pesto I used for tossing with tortellini and also served in the center with chopped cashews on top.  The recipe can be found here; Pesto To The Rescue!

Adventure is the key here, mix and match for your taste and enjoy! 


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