Appetizers Holidays Party

Little Bits! (Quick apps)

Last minute company?  Or no time to go to the store?  Or trying to make the budget stretch?  These apps fit all of these descriptions.  

My best friends were coming over and I was excited!  I needed something substantial just in case we drank some wine 😉

I wanted to make it special too but what did I have on hand? I was up for the challenge…

  • My husband’s ham and cheese for lunches – turn them in to ham & cheese roll ups with a little mustard on the side. Ham & Cheese Roll Ups
  • Goat cheese left overs are a stretch because when I do splurge on it I eat it right away, but you never know.  Costco sells it in a 2 pack so it does happen…It would have worked with cream cheese as well 🙂  Rosemary Goat Cheese Apricots