Dinner How Do I ?

Cooking fish 3 ways-good, better & best!

Cooking delicious fish the good, better & best way!  You can do this 🙂

First, what kind of fish are you using?

  • Fresh-buy and cook the day you are using-maybe can hold for a day in your fridge but no longer. 
  • Frozen-I love Mahi Mahi or Salmon this way.  Put on a plate in your fridge 2 days before you want to eat it or defrost the night of by keeping in it’s package and running over cold water for awhile.  Unless you will air fry then you can do it from frozen.

Second, have the right tools and ingredients…

  • A thermometer is key, your seafood should be cooked to 130 and then it rests for temperature to reach 145 degrees.   This truly is the best way to have a great piece of fish no matter how you cook it!  Make sure you put the thermometer in the side of the fish not straight down.
  • Seasoning ideas; keeping it simple with salt and pepper or traditional like a Citrus seasoning.  You can be adventurous with a little bbq seasoning or a Mexican seasoning like Tajin.  

Third, choose your favorite way to cook…

  1. Good and easy-season with your favorite seasoning and a little oil and put it on a baking sheet and cook at 375 for about 13 minutes depending on filet size-use thermometer. You won’t get a nice crust but you will get time to help the kids with homework or pour yourself a glass of wine and still enjoy a good meal.
  2. Better and easy as well-season with your fav seasoning, spray your basket and put in your Air Fryer.  This is a little tricky on temperature, follow your air fryer guide.  Mine worked in about 8 min.  You do get a little crust on this and a few minutes to put your feet up.
  3. Best-Pan-Searing-not hard but not as easy at the first two options.  Coat your fish with seasoning and a little bit of Pan-Searing Flour, if you don’t have pan-searing flour from Wegmans, regular flour will work.  Heat a little oil in your pan and sear on medium high, flip, sear for a few minutes on each side about 4 min per side.

Give it a try, it get’s easier every time!