Breakfast Party

Bernie’s Camp Breakfast

Sometimes the best things happen one moment at a time. Our friends Bernie and Karen came for breakfast, they enjoyed it and Bernie raved and raved about it for quite some time. Who knew that was the beginning of a treasured friendship with years of memories with many friends?

Bernie’s Breakfast was born at camp the following year. Little by little our breakfast crew grew.  10-20-30 and then 40, mind you cooking for Bernie’s Breakfast out of a camper!

Year after year my husband Mike and I made a yummy breakfast with many helping. We hosted it rain or shine. Holding a paper plate in one hand and an umbrella in another, well if you were lucky, many of us stood under a tarp or just got wet 😉

The extra special part for me were the kids and adults who came early and helped make the Stuffed French Toast, sharing memories as we prepped together.   And of course. everyone pitched in like family with set up and cleanup.

Life is made up of one special moment at a time, this was one of these times. Special friendships, lots of good food, cherished memories and many laughs! Cheers and thank you to Bernie & Karen and all of our friends and family who help make such great memories, one moment at a time.



Here is the menu with many bringing juice, a sweet roll and maybe even a cocktail or two 😉

  • Biscuits and Gravy Brunch Experiments
    • Tip: For a party like this, definitely make your biscuits and day or two before.
  • Scrambled Eggs Sunny Scrambled Eggs
    • Tip: This was the only thing I made last minute, like seriously pour your coffee or mimosa and stand and wait for these to be done then it’s time for a toast and to eat!
  • Italian Potatoes Easy Italian Breakfast Potatoes
    • Tip: Definitely cut these up the day before, soaking in water in a covered bowl they can sit on the counter.
  • Stuffed French Toast Strawberry Star French Toast
    • Tip: It’s a great activity for kids. Plastic butter knives work great to spread the cream cheese. I would normally cook it about half hour before breakfast and keep warm. P.S. this wasn’t the exact stuffed french toast recipe I used, but this one is close and is amazing as well. Shhhhh maybe the one I used wasn’t my recipe so I can’t post it, but there are many delicious stuffed toast french recipes out there.
  • Grilled Sausage
    • Tip: Mike would start a roaring campfire early in the morning, put some nice grill marks on Italian Sausage Links and I would finish in our little oven. A bulk pack of Italian Link Sausage, serves a crowd, delicious and lots cheaper than breakfast sausage.