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Picnic Party!

Are you having a picnic? Maybe your last for the summer, or first ever or maybe you are like us and love to picnic all year long! A few tips for your party;

-Put together lists; Invite, Menu, Shopping (sorted by department-make it easy), Equipment needed (do you need to borrow more coolers?) 

-Put a few water bottles in the freezer, they come in handy to help keep the rest of your drinks cool.

Make some and buy some. If your baked beans are famous, don’t forget those…but if you don’t like making salads, it’s okay to ask someone else to bring them or order from you favorite deli.

Serving utensils and platters; find them now, don’t wait till the party has started. 

-Fill larger bowls with ice and put salads in smaller bowls inside the larger bowls. 

-Check your cooking propane tanks before the party…or your charcoal or smoking chips supply.

-Clean your grill the day before and find your grilling stuff. Tongs, spatula, thermometer and a bottle opener. Oh and a beer? Yeah according to my husband our grill won’t start without one. 

-When you are grilling, don’t press down on the meat or flip it to often…let it cook, let it get grill marks. Trust me on this, please put the spatula down. 

-When is your food done? Take the guess work out and use a thermometer, it really makes a big difference. 

Prep ahead where you can, veggies can totally be prepped ahead, so can your condiments and meats. You want to enjoy the picnic as well, so do what you can ahead. 

-Think about the flow of your picnic-do you have a garbage can in a couple areas? What about recycling? 

Games? Maybe or maybe not? We love games so even if it’s simple like a few frisbees or footballs tossed in the yard.

Recipes and tips for a great Picnic Party Menu;

-Hot Hot Apps (jalapenos and peppadews-yum!) Hot Hot Hot Appetizers!

-Grilled Sliders (awww they are cute and taste so good!) Slider Secrets

-Great Grilled Veggies (over the fire or a charcoal grill can’t be beat!) -Watermelon Feta Salad (Fruit and Cheese, count me in!) Great Grilled Veggies!

-Crazy For Corn (Yep, always crazy for corn, get it while it’s in season when you can!) Crazy For Corn!

Most of all enjoy making memories!