Hi! I am Angie Volta and I am thrilled you stopped by! I started my Tommy Mae Marketing Business in 2018 with over 30 years’ experience helping people find more time in their day…How can I help you today?

Food Tips by Angie-I have a ton of food experience and passion to match it for everything in the food world! I can help with all of this and more;

  • Food Tips Blog for easier cooking nights in the kitchen with recipes and how-to’s and many great product ideas.
  • Party planning-for 2-2,000 I have done it and can help you.
  • Culinary Instructor-instructor guides, customer guides and of course fun in the kitchen is included!
  • Recipe development & editing-no detail left behind.

Social Media Planning-specializing in helping small businesses grow with dynamic Marketing Plans that help your social media work for you.

My work experience includes the restaurant world, Cooking School Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Rum Tour Guide and I am currently working with middle schoolers who are teaching me as much, if not more than I am teaching them!

A few of my experiences with my Tommy Mae Marketing Business have included;

  • Small Business-Social Media; Helping small businesses with their social media marketing plans and more!
  • Food Blog; providing weekly articles about recipes and kitchen how-to’s with a little laughter mixed in.
  • Cooking Class Instructor; including hands-on or demonstration in live and virtual settings that include learning and fun!
  • Writing; developed an 8 episode TV-Script for a kids cooking show.
  • Restaurant recipe development and analysis.

30+ years helping people find more time in their day-check out my linked-in profile for all of the details.

Originally from Michigan, I spent many years moving around, meeting  great people!  Mike and I chose New York to raise our two amazing children–Brandi & Michael Jr.  We relocated to Florida–chasing the warm weather and gorgeous sunsets of course!  When I am not working, you can find me with family and friends hosting a party or at the beach 🙂