National Beer Day!

National Beer Day!

Wait it’s national beer day?  Whoo hoo!  Not sure we need another reason to have a refreshment but ok let’s talk about beer.

Honestly I am not a huge beer drinker.  I sure enjoy a cold one on a hot day, something lighter though.  On a cold day I like the darker beers. Do you like chocolate or coffee I definitely would recommend a dark stout then.  

Food Tips by Angie is about food…mostly…so what is the food tie in?  Well, I may not drink beer much, I sure like to cook with it!

Taco Tuesday?  Enjoy it with a Michelada – Beer with tomato juice and seasonings mixed in, my fav seasoning for this is Tajin.  Don’t forget to rim the glass with extra seasoning.

Friday Night Appetizer Party?  You make the appetizers and have your friends each bring a different six pack.  Serve in small red shot glasses-throw away kind…think mini red solo cup.  Don’t forget to have a rating sheet for the different beers.

Mac & Cheese cooked with beer takes on a whole new great flavor.  

I think beer may naturally go with Ribs, so why not add it to the recipe?

Beer & BBQ Smoked Ribs

It might not be Chili Season but if we get a rainy day, well that’s a good day for this mouthwatering Chili made with a beer mixed in.


Summer season is almost here, think about this Party Pork of course with a beer adding a little more flavor.

A few more ideas for cooking with alcohol can be found here at the Sassy Spirits article.

Sassy Spirits

Happy National Beer Day and Cheers To Cooking with Beers!